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FullTime Travels with Henry, Anne & Bandit
Well, I didn't do too well...just now posting this and it is almost February again! I will try and do better and will go back little by little and post things, hopefully close to the date they happened....and try and keep up this time.  Hope you will join us again as we travel...Anne
Well, hello to you all!  Hopefully this will continue this time.  I have decided to try and do my journal again.  I have been reading some friends of mine and thought, "I am loosing the opportunity to record my memories"...so I decided to give it another try!  Hopefully some of the ones who were traveling with us, will return...we would love to have you along for the ride!

We have done so much since we last "talked" to you guys!  Have joined Trailer Life Directories, started in Oct. 08 and toured the state of Michigan (with the Upper Penisula) last year and rated the campgrounds(360 stops) there. We are also responsible for selling the ads that are in the directory and work really hard for 4 months, then travel the rest of the year.  With the stock market down, we decided to supplement our income rather than take any out at this time.  It worked well last summer and this year we will be working in Alabama and Indiana.  We actually have less stops than we had in Michigan alone.  About 100 less stops, but hope to add a bunch to that this year in new accounts....we have about 270 with both states together.  We are looking forward to a great year!   We should be finished in about July or early August we figure since we start in March. We plan to work it hard and hopefully increase the revenue in the two states.  Henry is so good at talking to everyone...we really made some great friends in Michigan and hate we aren't going to see them this year!

I am not going to try and "catch you up" just yet...I just want to tell you about the last few weeks that we have been here in Silver Springs, Florida with our friends, Janice & Dean, Helen & Bill, and Ken & Sandy!   Plus we have met some other nice friends...Pam & Bob and many others!

Helen & Bill have a place at Wilderness RV Resorts in Silver Springs, so they invited us to come here after our Trailer Life Conference in Orlando this year.  We thought that would be nice since we hadn't seen Helen & Bill for awhile!  Two years I think it was! 
Anyway, we started out the last week of January and here it is the end of February and we are still here!  Helen & Bill will be leaving in about a week or so and are trying to get their lot ready for the move.   They have a really nice lot right in front of a lovely pond with a water center that makes a pretty spout of lighted water at nite!  It is peaceful to listen to the water....

They are great hosts and we have had a great time while here.  First we went to Silver Springs and rode on the ferry boats around the springs.  There are four boats, all having something different to tell.  The first one told about the history of the Springs...the second showed us the largest spring in Silver Springs and told us about having alot of movies made there.  There are a few remenants on the floor of the springs from different movies.  Lloyd Bridges and several others like that did movies here.  I'll have to find my flyer and tell you more later...I've forgotten all the names they mentioned...   The park was really pretty, even though it was a little bit chilly, the sun was warm and the day was perfect. 
We have also been to the east coast, over to St. Augustine for a day...went thru a lovely bunch of shops there and plan to return to see more things.  We took a wrong turn after going up towards there, and ended up coming back about 15 minutes towards Silver Springs again before realizing we were going the wrong way~~so we didn't have as long in St. Augustine as we planned, but had a great time while there.  Also had a lovely dinner at a very quaint cafe right on the beach!  The sunset was gorgeous and we ate dinner (a great seafood dinner) while we watched the waves roll in on the beach! 

We have also been to just about every restaurant in town!   Really good Mexican one, El Toreau, China Buffet (just for you BobS.) and Lena's Whale of a good Seafood, Pizza Perfect (I think that is right) and many, many others! 
We went over to the west coast and saw several different places that were Helen's favorite. White sandy beaches, clear, clear water and Bandit found a nice friend...a Scottie that loved to swim.  Bandit had not really swam up until that time, but dove right in when his friend did!  He swam and swam!  It was really cute....   We went to several nice places...had lunch on a lake at the base of the Gulf, right next to the water!  They had great seafood and a lot of it for a really good price.  I can't (again) remember the name, maybe Helen will tell me when she reads this!  Got to start making notes of things like that!  Then we went to two more parks and they were equally beautiful...with gorgeous clear water.  I will try and download some pics...hope that they will come out.

Well, I'll save the rest till tomorrow nite...a little bit tired and am seeing double!  I'll try and download some pics now...see you soon!  Safe travels to everyone!   Anne

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OH MY!!! Where to start!!!  Haven't posted since March of 08....again, can't remember where all we have been, but will try and get the highlights!   I am writing this as we travel down the road in Texas...the road is VERY bumpy!  We are headed to California to do  training and attend a conference with Trailer Life.  We were offered a position with Trailer Life grading the campgrounds in Michigan and the Upper Penisula and decided to take it.  It should be a great position and we look forward to starting our "job" in April and hope we can up-date you as we go....although we will be VERY busy with our new job, I'm sure.
We went to our grand-daughters graduation in June and had our friends here, Jan & Jeff Hansen and Sylvia & Bob Percival who went with us to her "party" afterward the graduation ceremony.  We love the Italian restaurant Columbo's and had the "party" there.  Lots of good food for sure!  There is nothing we have tried that isn't good.   
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Hope this works, if it does, I'll update our journal!!  I know you don't believe me..but I will!   Anne
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Gosh, how time flys! Here I sit making another entry and we are still in Elkhart...much later than we anticipated being here. The weather certainly hasn't cooperated with us getting the coach out of the warehouse and loaded back up...much snow and cold weather. We were planning on leaving tomorrow at the latest, but Henry & our granddaughter came down with that flu that is going around. I'm sure that it will run through the whole house before ending, so I'm not looking forward to that! I'm trying to do the ZICAM thing and take my Immune 26 so that I don't get it. It will be a wonder if I don't!
It is raining right now, but suppose to start snowing later today. Our daughter told me this morning that this is a standard March thing...rain, then snow, then rain, then snow. You get the picture. It melts off quickly she says...so maybe we can still leave for a little while later in the week, if Henry feels better. He has a problem with his new glasses and has to get that taken care of though, and if they have to order new ones, we might not get out of here as planned. Now don't get me wrong, we have throughly enjoyed being here. Really gotten to see a bunch of our grandchildren's swimming meets and gotten to know them pretty well. Helping to get Stephanie ready to go to college this fall....it is an exciting time! They are both so smart and we are lucky to have them in such good health and also to be able to talk and just enjoy their company! Stephanie makes such good chocolate chip cookies....we've enjoyed those too much!! :-))

We haven't done much here except just enjoy their company and go to swim meets, eat out a bunch and just relax, so not much to update you on. We do hope to get to Florida for a few months before returning here and getting Stephanie ready for her Senior Prom and then her graduation on June lst.

After that, we plan to go to the New England states, some into Canada (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, etc.) and then back into the states and see some of the New England states, visit Washington, D.C. and then perhaps head west after a quick visit to our doctors in TN. Since we now have doctors here and there, that may make it a little easier for us. I guess we will spend next winter in the west.

Well, better go, I'm going to try and figure out how to post a picture...so wish me luck! Take care everyone and safe travels! Anne

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I can't believe that I haven't posted since June 17th.....and I'm not going to promise to try and keep it up this time, but I will do my very best.
A whole lot has gone on and I can't even begin to remember everything...I'll try and hit the highlights...

We have traveled most of the summer up the Oregon Coast and some of the Washington Coast.
We have been to Seaside, OR, Pacific Shores, OR and Long Beach, WAshington.  Went into Port Orchard, WA and stayed with some friends, John and Jamie Bledsoe at their home, in their driveway for more than a week.  They took us riding on their pontoon boat in the Puget Sound and we went over to Seattle on the ferry to take a tour of the "underground city".  It was really interesting and if you haven't' done that,  please put it in your notes to be sure and do it when you are in the area.  We also went to the Lavendar Festival while there, in Sequim, WA.  Everything you could think of was made from lavendar, even ice cream!!  I didn't try that though!

After that, we made our way back down to Oregon, where we attended the Country Coach Rally in Sisters, ORegon.  We had a ball and met with some of our friends we met this spring, Jan & Jeff Hansen and Lon and Chris Cross and Sylvia & Bob Percival.  They had some great entertainment there, Tony Orlando being one of them and then Ricky Nelson's twins, can't remember their names right now.  We got a great picture with them.  They are very talented, but nothing like Ricky!   Tony Orlando put on a show that we will remember all of our lives!  He was really great.  I would watch another one of his shows in a minute!  We bought lots of extras for the coach and ate out alot too.  
We left there and then prepared to go to another rally, the FMCA rally right back in Sisters but at the Fairgrounds there.  Again, we walked and walked and went to several great concerts and bought more stuff for the RV and us.  We sat outside Jan & Jeffs coach several nites and ate dinners, watched movies and talked and talked.  It was a great rally.  

Henry & I have had some work done on the coach to make it more to our liking and easier for us to store things and generally live in it! Slide out drawers for the kitchen became a must have item....I had to get down on the floor and pull everthing out everytime I wanted to get to the pots and dishes to cook in....that got old really fast!  When I put the slides in, it was unbelievable the difference!  Now it is easy to find any and all of our pots and dishes to cook in.  Also got a new area around the table made to hold our computer, some storage drawers and the printer on one side and then two file drawers on the other side, with storage for canned goods or tall stuff in the middle under the table that now pulls out for four instead of two!  we also had a small cabinet fixed for the big maps and other travel things, right behind Henry's chair on the wall.  He can even reach it while traveling down the road w/o any problem.  Several other things also, one being a remake of the closet in the back...it looks so much better and is much roomier and easy to get to stuff.   Probably ready to trade now Henry says...but not me!!  I'm happy as a new puppy!   Can't wait to show everyone how nice it looks...

After the rallies and having the work done on the coach, we headed back up to the Oregon coast to meet some of our friends again...
at Pacific Shores...staying there from about the 7th of Sept to the 16th.  We just enjoyed good company and although we went to several places and watched for whales, and also shopped till we dropped at the outlet malls one day, and went to a casino to eat a hugh breakfast and ate at wonderful restaurants while there, the most fun was just being with our friends and having cookouts and laughing and talking!
I'm telling all of you that haven't started on the road yet.....it is amazing how many friends you get to meet!  People from all walks of life, mingling with everyone and everyone having a ball!  No pressures, no schedules, just fun, day after day!  It is amazing how fast you forget what day it is and what time it is!    Everyday being a weekend....it is so relaxing!  Henry took longer than me to "fit into the groove" but now he is really into it!  He misses co-workers, but has met so many nice people and he actually talks to alot more!

We went back up to Seattle because we didn't see the rainforests or any of the park in the Sequim area...and it was well worth it!  The park was so beautiful...we walked to many waterfalls, thru the forest to see so much of what they call "old growth", plants, etc.....it is just awesome!  We have so many pictures and I want to show you guys so much!! I have to figure out how to post pictures!  One of our friends told us how to do it, but I think it has changed since then, so I'm going to have to teach myself I guess.   

On our way back to Oregon, we talked to Bob & Marie our good friends that started full-timing in 02 and have helped us many times in many ways in our full-timing.  We stayed in Harrisburg at the Cummins factory to have a ride height valve fixed and they were in the area having some things worked on also...so we ended up getting together and enjoying each others company for awhile.  Again eating out, shopping and just having fun talking and watching movies or playing games.

We left there and headed to Las Vegas, or rather Pahrump.  On the way down we stayed at Seven Feathers and I won $500 at the penny slots!!  I was so excited, couldn't believe I won!  That was a nice surprise and we actually saved the money and spent it rather slowly!  I didn't put it back into machines!  :-))    We also visited casinos in Pahrump and visited with some more friends Jerry & Jeri, and then went to Las Vegas to the Thousand trails park there.  Visited several more casinos and then went to the Outdoor Resorts there.  It was really, really nice!!  Were just lazing around and happened to call our friends Jan & Jeff who were going to come over our way eventually (they live just outside Phoenix, AZ in Anthem) and found out that they had to put one of their Keeshounds down after they got home.  We packed up and headed over there, hoping to help keep them busy and giving Kaite (the other Keeshound) a buddy to help her through loosing her brother.  She and Bandit had a good time I think and I know that Jan & Jeff and Henry & I had a great time!!  They took us out showing us around the Phoenix area, Jan & I went to have our nails, hair and toes done and went to some great places to have lunch...even Nordstrams (hope I spelled that right!).  I had never been there before...Jan couldn't believe it and made sure that she took me!  It was a really nice store and the mall that it was in was great too!  All kinds of great things to buy, but I resisted....Henry was proud of me!

While there we had a problem with our Aqua hot so Henry called the factory and found out they were in Colorado and so we decided to go there and get it fixed, because if we had gone to a dealer and they needed to take the unit out and send it back to the factory, it would have taken weeks to get it back!  It was bad enough to do w/o hot water for a week, but for several weeks....no no!!  They had it fixed in just a few hours, and we were on the road across Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri heading to TN for doctor appts.  Took care of all those and then had a great Thanksgiving with my family in Knoxville as well as visiting with some relatives and friends.  Took care of some more doctor appts and then headed to Indiana to be with our daughter and her family for about 45 days.  We have been here since the lst of Dec. The coach is under cover in a warehouse that is heated, and it is plugged in to a 50amp circuit so if it gets below 40 in the coach, the heat will come on.  This keeps the snow that comes down now and then off the coach and the salt, etc. off it as well.  We are staying in our daughter and son-in-laws home, trying to get use to a big space again!   We plan to leave sometime after the first week of January after enjoying a wonderful Christmas and having more than 12" of snow just a few days before Christmas.  It snowed again today and it is suppose to snow again all this weekend and into next week....we are hoping for not much accumulation!  It is unbelievable how much they are on the road riding back and forth from swim practice, the swim meets they have and school in-between!  We have had time for little else, eating out a lot because of the late nites.  The kids are out of school now, but still have swim practice, starting early in the am and then coming home, then going out again in the afternoon!  During school, Stephanie was leaving the house around 5:30 am for practice, then going to school, then going to practice again in the afternoon.  David usually only had practice in the evening, but it was a long day for them.  We've gone to lots of swim meets, watching each of them swim.  They make it look so easy!!  They both are very competitive and win many of their events, as well as helping their swim buddies win the relays.

Well, I've caught you up somewhat...sure I have missed alot, but you get the idea what our time out here has entailed.  Hopefully I can write a little bit each nite or so and keep you updated a little bit better from now on.  I will really try!   Everyone take care and have a great New Years and a safe one!  Don't make too many resolutions!!   Safe travels...Anne

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We moved to Pacific Shores Thousand Trails park on the 15th and didn’t do anything but set up read a little, watch TV and walk Bandit for the first few days. Did go to the lodge for a pizza dinner Friday nite, but that is all. I fixed breakfast for us on Saturday and Sunday morning (an unusual thing for awhile) and Sunday we went out around noon to just ride around and enjoy the area.
We ended up driving up the coast to Anderson Lookout first and stopped in time to see a hangglider take off….and I did get a picture of him taking off! He didn’t go very far I’m afraid and I thought he was going to get to take a bath in the Pacific ocean,but he made it to shore many miles below! After going on down the mountain a bit we saw where he landed, just south of Netarts Bay. There was a really nice RV park there (small but very neat and clean) and we thought it would be nice for a day or so since it was right on the Bay and really a great view! We’ll put that one on our campground list to visit another time.
We wound around on a small highway, not sure what the number was and ended up in Oceanside, OR a very small town on the coast…then wound around and around that road until it led us back to 101 and to Tillamook, OR. We decided even though it was Sunday and Father’s Day we would see if the cheese factory was open. It was, so we went in and took the tour, got some samples of the cheese, but decided against the ice cream since we hadn’t had any lunch and it was already 3:45pm. So we went across the street to a seafood place, but they didn’t serve dinners, just sold seafood to take home, but a girl there told us about a place down the road called McAllisters, so we went there. Henry had ribs and I had scallops….Henry enjoyed to ribs, and I guess the scallops were good, but not the greatest I’ve had. They were in a maple sauce and it made them a bit too sweet. Anyway, we drove home and it only took us about 30 minutes while going the other way it took us at least 3 hours….but the view was absolutely gorgeous!! Oregon is so beautiful (I think I’ve said that before!) and with each view you think, there just can’t be another one like this…but there is! And another and another! I can’t wait till I can share the pictures with you all! I have to get that taken care of!! Take care and hope you had a great day also!

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A very pretty day today, and we got to spend it with Janice & Dean, exploring
the coast of Oregon from Newport up to Boiler Bay. We stopped at several places and at each one, we could hardly believe how beautiful each was. Depot Bay was the first place and even though the tide was going out, the waves were crashing onto the rocks and making lots of spray! It was really a gorgeous cove. We went to the Whale watchers building and watched a movie and the lady there told us that they were watching whales all morning, but they seemed to have moved on up to Boiler Bay a little earlier. The boats taking people out to whale watch were around that area….sooooo, we all jumped into the truck and took off up there. (It was only a few miles up the coast) When we got there, at first we didn’t see any, then just before we started to leave, we saw several “puffs” out close to the boat. We couldn’t tell for sure, but thought there might be two of them, because they came up in different areas. But it could have been the same one….none-the-less, it was very exciting seeing them. We got pics, but only of the tail or part of their back….not a whole lot to see, but we got excited anyway.
Then we went down the road, just a little ways and saw another one, but this one was a baby, or at least it was a whole lot smaller than the other ones. The view from there was awesome also…I took several pics and one of them is a postcard that they had on sale there. We are looking into a website that will host some pictures so that I can put more out there for you guys to see…we have taken a bunch!!
Left there and went to Devil’s Punchbowl, and even though it was a neat “bowl” there was very little water flowing in and out of it….and I think it should be called God’s punchbowl….after all he’s the one who made it! 
We left there rather late and went to a great Chinese restaurant we found in Newport, I think the name was Kem Wang and it is right on 101, just before you get to the Outdoor Resorts Pacific Shores (heading north). Then Janice and Dean took us home and they stayed awhile for a piece of great lemon meringue pie that we had bought from “The Chalet Restaurant” (they have great homemade pies) and also a rhubarb pie we had bought at the Mennonite bakery in Junction City. We all had a great day and said goodbyes although we didn’t want to. Take care everyone and hope that your day was a great one!!

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We finally left Junction City about 4pm and arrived in Newport about 6pm. Coming in on Hwy. 20 you can see the ocean as you enter Newport and with the sun shining down on it, it was absolutely beautiful especially at that time of day. We are staying at the Thousand Trails park just off 101, it is called Whalers Rest and you can see the ocean in a few places through the trees and you can really hear the ocean roaring as the waves hit the beach. It is unusually rough today...last visit a week ago, the waves were very small, today they are pretty good for surfing! We picked out our site #151 and got all set up and then left for dinner. We decided to go to a place called the Chalet (at the suggestion of the ranger here) and although it was "good", we thought we might try the breakfast there since several people around us ordered breakfast rather than dinner. We did buy a lemon meringue pie (a whole one) though and it was delicious! They bake them on the premises....you could tell it was homemade. Yum, Yum!!!

Tomorrow we take the car in to the Jeep dealer to be fixed (the automatic headlights don't work right) and will probably have to leave it there. Janice & Dean are coming over from Pacific City and we're going to drive around the area a bit. Not much exciting today....hopefully tomorrow we will have more to tell you... Stay safe and hope you enjoyed your day!! Anne

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Hi everyone! I have so much to catch up on, I will never be able to do it in this post....so I'll just try and consolidate and let you know where we have been and what we have been doing since mid-March.

We have been in many places since I last "talked" to you all...just hope I haven't lost all the folks that had been reading about our adventures!

Last "talked" to you about 29 Palms and going to leave for Verde Valley (Thousand Trails Park) in Cottonwood, Arizona. We arrived there and set up our site around several of our friends that were waiting on us to give Henry a surprise Birthday party. I had known about them preparing to do this...but they really went all out!! I think there were about 10 couples and we had food galore! It was all so good and we want to thank all of you for such a great time! Henry had no idea and it was good to surprise him...he was blown away!!

We did manage to finally go and see Sedona for a day, quick trip and we only drove to the top of the mountain to the park there, purchased some things and took some awesome pictures. I know that I keep promising you, but we will get those fixed for you guys to be able to view soon! Henry is going to help me, he says, so hopefully we can do that together!! We also stayed and saw the sunset from the airport, but the sunset that nite was not really that great....but we will have to go back and try that again another day. We also rode the train out of a small town just outside of Junction City, forgot the name but will figure it out and put it on later. We also drove to a small mining town called Jerome...it was way up on a hill and you could see down on Junction City and the other towns that were close by. It was really a neat little town. We had lunch at this restaurant and celebrated our anniversary! The view was awesome! More pics of that too!

We only stayed there about 10 days, and decided that we really needed to get up the road to Junction City, OR to have the coach looked at. We left on a Tuesday (think the 10th) and even though we didn't need to be there until the morning of the 16th of April, Henry drove more each day than he had too and we arrived early in the day on Friday, April 13th. I'm so glad that at the time I didn't know it was Friday the 13th~~~ I would have been scared to death the whole time! :-))

Once we got to Junction City at the Country Coach Service department we settled in on their "lot" with full hookups. We only were suppose to be there for a few days, but ended up staying till May 25th. There was a little bit of "communication" with the guy in charge of our service crew at about 3 weeks and then things that needed to happen started happening! Thank you Lord!!!

We left on the 25th and went to Outdoor Resorts Pacific Shores Resort in Newport, OR for about 10 days and that was an awesome resort! We had met some people here at the Country Coach Campground (not really a campground...that is a funny!) and they had invited us to go. We drove around looking at the beautiful Pacific Ocean, even though the resort is right on the Pacific and we had a view of it for 8 of the ten days we were there! It was a bit chilly, but tolerable and we had some great food and fellowship with the people we met here. They have a lot there and wanted us to buy there, but we still have some looking to do before settling down in one spot. We also went to Florence and saw Janice and Dean while we were there and had a wonderful time on the ocean just outside of Florence. Bandit had a ball playing in the tides and there was a crystal clear mountain stream coming down into the ocean on one side of the area we were in. Bandit played and got pretty wet running back and forth in the stream and tried his best to avoid the waves... He was so cute running from the waves coming in(they were small ones and they snuck up on him a few times), he doesn't like the water like Patch did. He will learn though...

We left there on June 3rd late in the afternoon (we didn't want to leave there, it was so peaceful and nice and everyone was so friendly) and came back to Junction City for some appointments. We had Carrier RV Service to finish up some other things that needed to be done to the coach because Country Coach couldn't get all our list done. They worked on the coach for two days and finished all of our remaining list and we came back to County Coach's lot again for the nite, and then went to Davis Cabinets to get a few things added to the coach....several new things inside to help us with more organization and feel more "homey"! The coach is really shaping up and now all I have to do is keep Henry from trading it!!

We pull out tomorrow to go back to Newport for about 10 days and then we will head up the Oregon Coast to Long Beach, Washington. We are suppose to be there from the 27th of June till the 11th of July. I will write more later...
Take care everyone, have wonderful days and hopefully I can keep this journal going from now on! Anne

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Hi everyone! Sorry it has been soooooo long since my last post. I have been sick for awhile, so we haven't been doing very much....although traveling from one place to another, we have not been checking out the area as well as we would have, had I been feeling better. Just doing things around the campgrounds and doing a little sightseeing here and there.
We came here (Verde Valley Thousand Trails in Cottonwood, Arizona) about two weeks ago and are leaving in the morning to meet some of our Class of 05 friends (Janice and Dean) at a campground in Williams, Arizona...not far from the Grand Canyon. We will be taking a train ride to the Canyon and on Wednesday and then driving back the next day in the car. I think Williams has a lot to see also, although we will only be there for four days. Then we are traveling down to Camp Verde (right now anyway) just below where we are right now and be staying at a Western Horizon park for a few days, checking them out. Then back to here I guess for at least one week, perhaps two. Then we start heading up the road to Junction City, Oregon for our factory visit at Country Coach. We need a few things done to the coach and are not sure how long we will be there....hopefully just a few days.
I am not even sure when I posted last, but to fill you in...
We left Florida and went to TN for doctor appts. in January....then left there about the 16th and started west. That was when the ice and snow storms were beating away at Texas and around that area and although we thought we were going to be able to get across...we ended up getting stopped at a campground in Arkansas and waiting there for three days before we could even start across Texas. We got to Pecos and stayed over nite, then started out the next morning, it was raining. That rain turned to sleet and we pulled into a truck stop (small one, but it had a restaurant thank goodness) to see if it would turn back to rain, but it didn't. We stayed there for two days, snug as a bug in a rug I might add, the coach did a great job keeping us warm and cozy. The second day, we waited a bit, and the ice started melting, so we took off (we had ice cicles on our mirrors hanging down about a foot!) and drove till we got to Tuscon, Arizona. We pulled into a Walmart about 9pm I guess, stayed the night there and then continued on to Quartzsite, Az the next day. We stayed there about a week....met up with some of the Class of 05, then headed to Yuma. We worked for Pam & Smokey for the weekend at their booth at the Flea Market...then decided to stay for awhile longer. Jim & Jo were kind enough to allow us to stay on their lot for about a week, then due to sudden change of plans, we decided to hit the road and go to the Thousand Trails, Pio Pico reserve just outside of San Diego, California. We didn't particularly like it there, although we will give it another chance as we didn't really get to do any sightseeing. We left there and headed to a small campgound just outside of Palm Springs for about four days, then went on into the Thousand Trails, Palm Springs resort, which is really in Palm Desert a short distance from Palm Springs. We stayed there for two weeks and that is where I got sick for the first time. Got this hacking cough and a bad head cold, then Henry got it after I started feeling better. Since I was sick, we didn't do much there either...but ride around. We left there and went to 29 Palms Resort in 29 Palms, CA. Met up with Janice & Dean and went to the Joshua Tree National Park. Didn't walk around much since Dean was really feeling to well and I wasn't at the top of the world either! It was really beautiful there though, so many rock formations and many people rock climbing. We got a picture of these folks climbing a huge rock, it was scary looking, but they were just sitting up there on the top, helping others to do the same thing. The last day we were at 29 Palms we were suppose to go to Palm Springs to ride the tram up to the top of the mountain, we decided not to go because we so much to do to get ready to leave the next morning. Henry is working on a new brake system for the car also, so he was trying to go over the installation information so he would know just what he had to have to do that.
Not too much info on what we did or where we visited but to tell you the truth, we haven't been sightseeing in alot of the places we have been the last month. We both have been to San Diego and the Palm Springs area before when we came out here years ago on a vacation that Henry won through his company, so we know what is around here...we just didn't take advantage of going around looking at other things...and revisiting what we had seen years ago....but, we will be back in that area...just not sure when.
Will try and put pictures on here soon, I promise...I have a lot of them to share. Also just got a neat program that I hope I will be able to do myself and send via email to some of you.
Until next time....have great days and we love you all....Anne

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